Fitzroy™ Koff & Kold Throat & Chest Lozenges is the latest additionto the Koff & Kold family of products.
Fitzroy™ Koff & Kold Throat & Chest Lozenges are manufactured to a traditional recipe and have a very pleasant soothing menthol flavour.
They can be taken to ease the irritation of throat and chest infections normally prevalent during the winter season.


Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Citric Acid. Flavourings:Menthol Crystals, Aniseed Oil, Liquorice Extract.Colour: E153.

Nutritional Information

Key Points

  • Menthol flavour
  • Very pleasant taste
  • Each lozenge is 'twist-wrapped'
  • Multi-purpose action
  • Ideal for Adults and Children over8 years
  • Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Coeliacs

Storage Conditions

Cool, Dry, Ambient 10-18C / RH <50%
Koff & Kold Lozenges 100g
Koff & Kold Lozenges 100g

Target Markets:Pharmacies, Supermarkets and General Stores
Bag Size: 100g
Sweets per Bag: 14 to 15 Sweets per Bag
Unit of Sale: 12 x 100g
Price per Unit of Sale: Upon Request
Part Number: FITZ/0131
E.A.N Barcode: 5 020061 002787

Fitzroy™ products are currently available with English language pack only. We will consider producing with different language packs, however this is dependant on volume quantities. Please contact us for further details.