Fitzroy™ Transparent PE Tape (also known as Surgical Tape) is manufactured from ventilated polyethylene material.
The Tape is coated with a strong Hypoallergenic acrylic based Adhesive (latex-free). This provides the superior sticking power that the Fitzroy™ brand is renowned for, especially in hot climates.
The range is available in three sizes each with clip-on spool covers for convenient use.
Each size is packed in dozens and available in red Fitzroy™ branded shelf-ready display trays.
The Tape is thin, lightweight and flexible and can be torn bi-directionally to the required width/length and is ideal for securing dressings, bandages, catheters, wound pads, drainage tubes and other medical devices in place.

Material Specification

Transparent PE Tape 10M
Transparent PE Tape 10M
Transparent PE Tape 10M

Target Markets:Hospitals, Pharmacies, Supermarkets and General Stores
Reel Sizes: 1.25cm X 10M 2.5cm x 10M 5cm x 10M
Unit of Sale: Tray with 12 Reels Tray with 12 Reels Tray with 12 Reels
Price per Unit of Sale: Upon Request Upon Request Upon Request
Part Number: FITZ/0138 FITZ/0139 FITZ/0140
E.A.N Barcode: 5 020061 002947 5 020061 002978 5 020061 003005

Fitzroy™ products are currently available with English language pack only. We will consider producing with different language packs, however this is dependant on volume quantities. Please contact us for further details.