Fitzroy™ Crepe Bandages are manufactured using 110gsm 100% Cotton.
Our Bandages offer excellent compression support.
The range is currently available in three sizes (7.5cm, 10cm and 15cm x 4.5M) all complete with fixing clips.
Each are individually shrink-wrapped with 12 bandages packed into a red Fitzroy™ branded shelf-ready display box.
Fitzroy™ Crepe Bandages can be used as compression to relieve swelling and aching legs caused by Varicose Veins, as support for weak ankles, knees and wrists, or for sprains, strains or as a general support. Can be washed and re-used.

Material Specification

Cotton Crepe Bandage 4.5M
Cotton Crepe Bandage 4.5M
Cotton Crepe Bandage 4.5M

Shelf-Ready Display Box

Target Markets:Hospitals, Pharmacies, Supermarkets and General Stores
Bandage Size: 7.5cm x 4.5M 10cm x 4.5M 15cm x 4.5M
Unit of Sale: Box with 12 Bandages Box with 12 Bandages Box with 12 Bandages
Price per Unit of Sale: Upon Request Upon Request Upon Request
Part Number: FITZ/0078 FITZ/0079 FITZ/0080
E.A.N Barcode: 5 020061 001063 5 020061 001087 5 020061 001100

Fitzroy™ products are currently available with English language pack only. We will consider producing with different language packs, however this is dependant on volume quantities. Please contact us for further details.